London Bridge Vertical Village

What do SME’s and start-ups need?

London Bridge Vertical Village.

This proposal creates a ‘vertical village’ of smaller scale studios and co-working spaces on top of one of London busiest transport hubs; London Bridge.

The building provides 250,000 sqft of space split into 5000 sqft studios, all designed to meet WELL standards. An elevated 15,000 sqft reception deck includes a communal space with 3000 sqft garden, and parking for 600 bikes along with public restaurants + cafes. On the ground, a new public space with kiosk, gardens & additional ‘EcoCycle’ parking for 400 bikes – with bike ramp to office receptions above.

The architecture expresses the flexible, open & communal nature of future workplaces.

It is a sustainable, carbon-neutral building, including rainwater harvesting & rooftop food farm, with intelligent data-driven M&E systems that learn and adapt to occupants needs.


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